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  • The Cerefy Atlas of Cerebral Vasculature/CD-ROM

The Cerefy Atlas of Cerebral Vasculature/CD-ROM

Author : Nowinski , Thirunavuukarasuu , Volkau , Marchenklo , Runge
Binding : CD-ROM
Edition : 1
Year : 2009
ISBN : 9781604060904


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Correlating 3-D vasculature with surface and sectional neuroanatomy, this CD-ROM is an interactive electronic atlas that provides a vivid new way to view and study the cerebral vasculature. Comprehensive and accurate displays of the cerebral arteries and veins are skillfully integrated with cortical and ventricular anatomy and triplanar MRI and MRA. You can electronically dissect any of the 365 vessels, arteries and veins or build myriad sub-networks -- complete with labels and diameters -- which can be saved to an external drive and used as lecture slides. The sophisticated navigation system allows every display to be rotated in multiple planes and viewed from different angles.


  • Fully 3-D -- with 3-D measurements and stereotactic coordinates
  • Handy self-testing and assessment mode
  • Numerous meta-links to background information, variability and useful references -- including 215 pages of text and 100 images derived from Thieme material
  • All vessels segmented and clearly labeled with their name and diameter -- aspects often difficult to see in textbooks
  • Color coding for rapid identification of the different subgroups and branches of the arterial and venous systems The Cerefy Atlas of Cerebral Vasculature is a powerful tool for every student, practitioner and educator in the clinical and basic neurosciences, including neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists and interventional radiologists.Please visit , the Brain Atlas related web site.

    For PC only .

  • State-of-the-art... for visualizing and exploring the brain's arterial and venous systems in three dimensions...[A] powerful tool for clinicians, residents and students... -- The Neuroradiology JournalComprehensive, detailed...explorable, dissectible, and interactive. -- ECR Today 21An incredible resource for anyone interested in cerebral vascular disease...should be a part of every neuroradiology library.--The Canadian Journal of Neurological SciencesProvides extensive and precise displays of the cerebral arteries and veins in 3-dimensional (3D) drawings...The interface is highly user-friendly and efficient. In addition to detailed demonstrations of anatomic structures, the atlas also contains a vast amount of background information, precise descriptions of vascular variations, and many useful references...the atlas even includes a test mode for self-assessment. It can serve as a unique and valuable learning companion...for both physicians and researchers in neurosciences.--AANS (American Association of Neurological Surgeons) Young Neurosurgeons' NewsletterOne of the strengths of this atlas is being able to select. What also sets this electronic atlas apart from more traditional textbooks is the fact that it allows the user to explore the vessels in 3D rather than the 2-dimensional (2D) page...easy to use, unique, and a valuable learning tool for any student, resident, or praciticing physician...strongly recommend[ed].--Surgical Neurology InternationalProvides beautiful, high resolution images...the content is comprehensive...vessels are color coded according to major vascular territory...very well organized and user excellent teaching and reference tool...includes well written and easy to follow instructions and directions with user interface is an extraordinary product...highly recommend[ed].--American Journal of Neuroradiology

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