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  • PET and PET/CT


A Clinical Guide
Author : Lin , Alavi
Binding : Paperback / softback
Edition : 2
Year : 2009
Illustrations : 505
Pages : 312.00
ISBN : 9781604061536

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Praise for this book:
Sure to be a hit - just like the first edition...All the chapters are well written and the accuracy of information is impressive...[we] cannot recommend the book strongly enough. - RAD Magazine

Returning in a second edition, this practical book presents oncological and nononcological applications for PET and PET/CT for the full range of scenarios frequently encountered in the professional setting. Placing special emphasis on PET/CT correlation and FDG oncological imaging, it opens with a thorough introduction to fundamental science and clinical basics. Each chapter in the Oncological Applications section of the book describes the role of PET and PET/CT in the management of specific diseases, providing succinct descriptions of indications and comparisons with other imaging modalities.


  • New chapters covering PET/CT for pediatric patients; the use of FDG PET in the evaluation of infection and inflammation; and the role of PET and PET/CT in radiation therapy planning; and FDG biology
  • More than 500 high-quality images, including state-of-the-art color PET/CT images
  • Pearls and pitfalls that emphasize critical concepts
  • Discussion of normal variations and benign findings
  • Thorough review of the current literature on PET/CT

This compact book provides readers with the tools to sharpen their assessment and decision-making skills. Organized efficiently to enable rapid reference to key concepts, this concise text is ideal for residents and practitioners in radiology, nuclear medicine, oncology, radiation oncology, and nuclear medicine technology.

A valuable reference source...This small and affordable book should be useful to both trainees and practicioners...Highly recommend[ed]. -- The Journal of Nuclear MedicineIn conclusion, in the considered opinion of this reviewer, this textbook is the best reference source for both the trainees and practitioners who are actively involved in utilizing FDGPET/CT modality in their clinical practice.--Clinical Imaging [A] compact, softcover handbook that should be of immense help...useful...excellent points of discussion...supplemented with excellent figures and references...well written...this book summarizes the scientific literature on PET and PET/CT.--Academic RadiologyEasy-to-read and well-organized package. -- American Journal of RoentgenologySure to be a hit -- just like the first edition...All the chapters are well written and the accuracy of information is impressive...The illustrations, as in the first edition, are of the highest quality...[we] cannot recommend the book strongly enough to anyone working in the field of clinical PETCT...certainly should be included in the booklist of every newcomer in the field, including trainees in nuclear medicine and radiology.--RAD MagazineAn excellent handbook.. A good study companion for trainees. The authors have fulfilled their objective and produced an excellent textbook that will be valuable to residents and other trainees who want an accesible source of authoritative information.--RadiologyAn affordable, portable, complete, and concise resource or review text concerning a very timely clinical subject. [The second section of the book] is an outstanding contribution to this text and could be used by any radiologist at any level of training who wants to review positron emission tomography (PET). The illustrations in this book are outstanding. They are appropriate for the discussion and expand the reader's understanding. None of the topics are covered too extensively, and this, combined with the partial outline format, makes this book more of a review and reference manual than a textbook. This book also could be used as a primary initial text for learning PET and PET/CT; I believe that many would find this very readable, even for the beginner. It bears repeating that this text covers both PET and PET/CT and thus serves an even larger purpose in a ready reference section or library. This is particularly impressive given how easily it could be placed in your pocket or bag and carried from site to site or office to reading room.--Academic RadiologyThis small but very informative book is to be read by senior radiologists and especially junior residents who are just encountering the applications of PET and PET/CT. The various chapters are well illustrated by demonstrative images, many with directing arrows, and in several are pearls, which the readers will find very useful. This handbook is full of information regarding the applications of PET and PET/CT, and it is recommended especially to the junior radiologists..--Clinical ImagingShort/concise...written in an outline form with proper examples.--American Journal of NeuroradiologyThe essentials distilled into a small manageable package for convenient reference...written concisely and authoritatively...well organized. The provided information is current and is accompanied by high-quality figures and illustrations printed on glossy paper.--RadiologyRetaining the goal of providing practitioners and trainees in medical imaging disciplines with the essential information about PET and PET/CT while simultaneously reflecting the breadth of the scientific literature, [the authors] have updated the material to reflect recent advances and have included a significant number of new images. New chapters have also been added on FDG biology, pediatric PET/CT, and PET/CT in radiation therapy and in inflammatory and infectious disorders.--SciTech Book News

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