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  • Orthodontic Diagnosis

Orthodontic Diagnosis

Author : Rakosi , Jonas , Graber
Binding : Hardback
Edition : 1
Year : 1993
Illustrations : 1001
Pages : 280
ISBN : 9783137820017

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An illustrated guide for the complex process of orthodontic diagnostics and indication. The total process of treatment planning including the scientific bases is pictorially described. Beside the conventional methods of examination and model analysis, emphasis is placed on the cranio-facial growth processes, the aetiology of malocclusions and on the importance of functional analysis. The following three aspects are described in detail in this book: Growth of the Facial Skeleton - types of treatment which promote or guide growth. In order to control these natural processes artificially, a precise understanding of them is required. Aetiology of the Malocclusion - the various types of causative therapy and the elimination of the causes. Functional Analysis - many malocclusions are a result of dysfunctions. As a variety of methods are available for treating dysfunctions, functional analysis is taken very seriously.

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