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MedOne Plastic Surgery

MedOne Plastic Surgery is centered on surgeons’ needs, so surgeons can focus on what matters: patients. Curated content, direct from respected experts, means that surgeons and residents alike can connect to resources, elevate their skills, and find insights into every aspect of plastic surgery.

Multimedia Content

Use videos and images to get a better understanding of complex issues.

Deep Dives

Choose your depth of content and decide for yourself, how detailed you want to learn something.

Notes, Highlighting & Playlists

Set bookmarks, create notes, highlight text and curate playlists to share with other users.

Flexible Learning

Decide for yourself whether you want to review a procedure, watch a video from one of the masters, or learn a new technique as a part of your residency program.

MedOne Plastic Surgery Features:

MedOne Plastic Surgery lets users use the platform the way they want. If they need to go offline, they can download and print chapters, articles, or images. The ultra-modern search function finds the best results from Thieme’s e-books, journals, procedures, and media, plus journals in the PubMed database. Your license will automatically receive updated content as new titles are released, so users will never be behind when it comes to groundbreaking procedures.

Sometimes, it’s nice to have the book. Other times, your patrons just need the material. This comprehensive library, which receives frequent updates, provides users with relevant information on reconstructive and aesthetic procedures. Whether they are studying for boards or picking up techniques, they can use the invaluable guidance how they want: expand images, watch videos, download chapters, take notes, customize views, and follow links to articles, all from within e-books.

MedOne Plastic Surgery now contains the complete Textbook of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery series! This six-volume set is based on the clinical needs of plastic surgeons in developing countries, particularly India.

We know your plastic surgeons busy. That’s why MedOne Plastic Surgery was designed help make the most of their time. They can quickly search and read articles from Thieme’s plastic surgery journals, plus see PubMed results. Visit the archives or check new work: whether they are doing research, keeping up with innovations, or finding sources, they can always get the whole picture, download it, and then go back to their life.

Every time your plastic surgeons walk into the OR, they should do so with confidence — confidence in their skills and ability to attain the desired result. The procedures section of MedOne Plastic Surgery has what they need to walk into surgery prepared: they can quickly review a tricky procedure with step-by-step instructions, read through various approaches to find the best, or watch operative videos to get the details right.

They pioneered the techniques your plastic surgeons use and the cutting-edge procedures they don’t use — yet. When they are learning the procedures they perfected, why not go to the source? Material direct from worldwide, world-renowned experts includes videos explaining their techniques, demonstrating operations, and discussing complications, so they don’t need to travel the world to have the best among their mentors.

Users can create customized modules with MedOne Plastic Surgery content, personal files, or external links. Playlists can be private, shared with others at your institution, or made publicly available to MedOne Plastic Surgery users at other institutions.

In plastic surgery, results matter. That’s why MedOne Plastic Surgery’s images clearly show landmarks, approaches, and outcomes. Users can expand, download, or compare images conveniently on the media page, then learn more by clicking source links. And let’s be honest: everyone likes streaming videos. With enough content to watch for days, MedOne Plastic Surgery’s priceless operative and case videos give real-life examples of surgical processes and results.

MedOne Plastic Surgery contains 1,100 multiple choice questions and answers covering a wide variety of topics in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Users can download and read offline e-books, journal articles, and watch videos on the go. It is designed to make browsing, accessing, and reading MedOne content simple and easy.

Users are no longer confined to the building with MedOne@Home offsite access. They can set up an individual username within their department’s license, so all they need is internet access to view content, create notes, and highlight text.

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