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Medone Adaptive

What is MedOne Adaptive?

MedOne Adaptive is a range of subject-wise Adaptive Learning based products designed to help medical students get a strong grasp of concepts in their MBBS curriculum. These products vigorously recognize and concentrate on knowledge gaps and inaccuracies for students. They aim provide a curated learning experience for each student to compliment medical school curriculum and prepare for their exams.

Why MedOne Adaptive?

Mapped to CBME Curriculum
Retention and Reinforcement of Concepts
Uncovers and fixes unconscious incompetence
Creates higher Proficiency
Eliminates boredom and frustration
Cuts teaching time in half

MedOne Adaptive Features:

Adaptive learning is a personalized educational method that uses artificial intelligence to actively identify and address the unique needs of each individual. Contrary to traditional, “one-size-fits-all” eLearning courses, adaptive learning experiences evolve with you for optimal results.

“I Know It; Think I Know It; Not Sure; and No Idea” buttons are presented with each question, which power the adaptive learning algorithm to assess the conscious competence of each user.

Measure progress and performance across all disciplines and modules, allowing users to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses down to a granular level of medical concepts

Detailed Analytical reports to map progress overtime, identifying Most Difficult topics with metacognition scores & time spent on each topic.

The Course is designed on the latest CBME curriculum for undergraduate MBBS students as well as postgraduate students of Ophthalmology using the AI based adaptive learning technology. You can access the trial course on below topics along with Quiz at the end of the module.

Anatomy and Embryology of the Eye (Part 1 & Part II)

The Glaucoma

Please share your product experience here or by filling the survey at the end of trial module.

Our course is designed on the latest CBME curriculum for undergraduate MBBS students as well as postgraduate students for learning one of the most challenging medical subjects-Anatomy.This is the quintessential resource for medical students to build knowledge and confidence as they progress in their medical careers.These courses are built using the AI based adaptive learning technology from the content of the highly acclaimed Schünke M, Schulte E, Schumacher U:THIEME Atlas of Anatomy; Gilory et al,:Anatomy-An Essential Textbook and illustrations by Voll M,Wesker K.

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