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  • Osteotomies around the Knee

Osteotomies around the Knee

Indications-Planning-Surgical Techniques using Plate Fixators
Author : Lobenhoffer , van Heerwaarden , Staubli , Jakob
Binding : Hardback
Edition : 1
Year : 2009
Illustrations : 530
Pages : 300.00
ISBN : 9789380378589

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Written by leading surgeons with expertise in performing osteotomies around the knee, this book is an essential reference for the current techniques in joint-preserving knee surgery. The book opens with a thorough discussion of physiology, pathophysiology, clinical evaluation, and imaging. It then describes the indications and basic principles of treatment and provides a detailed planning algorithm for high-tibial osteotomy. Separate chapters cover various clinical applications, addressing important topics ranging from the effects of osteotomies on cartilage pressure in the knee to management for failed osteotomies around knee. The book also discusses the latest technological developments in the field, such as computer-assisted navigation and the development of plate fixators.


  • Clinical insights and practical tips from experts in the field
  • Detailed presentation of surgical techniques
  • Numerous high-quality images and illustrations demonstrating key concepts
  • Discussion of how to manage complications after high-tibial open-wedge osteotomy
Presents detailed descriptions of the surgical techniques, along with indications, results, and complications of closed and open wedge outstanding book...includes excellent illustrations and photos.--Doody's Review

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