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  • Journal of Neurological Surgery Part B | Skull Base Operative Videos

Journal of Neurological Surgery Part B | Skull Base Operative Videos

Volume : 2
Year : 2023

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We are currently not accepting new video submissions.

Stay tuned for a new submission call by signing up to our neurosurgery newsletters here.




Due to the high volume of submissions, we have raised the bar of excellence for acceptance of videos. Each video must include the following categories:

 Quality of the video production (picture and sound quality, editing quality) must be of high-definition 2D video (not accepting 3D videos)

  1. Quality of the video content must have demonstration of technical mastery, operative techniques and nuances.

Each video MUST also include the following elements:

  • Title page of video with authors and institution
  • Brief history
  • Preoperative Imaging
  • Brief statement on indication and approach selection (why the approach was chosen)
  • Patient positioning
  • Surgical approach and exposure of the existing pathology/lesion
  • Treatment (resection) of the targeted pathology/lesion
  • Closure/reconstruction techniques
  • Postoperative imaging
  • Brief statement of postoperative course

Videos should also include additional components to enhance the video to increase overall score:

  • Subtitle Headings labeling each important step/stage of the operation
  • Labeling of intraoperative anatomic structures to help orient the viewer
  • Accompanied anatomical dissections and/or drawings (i.e. Rhoton Collection) to help orient anatomy to the viewer
  • Smooth, scripted narration, without static or background noise, good volume, lack of long pauses
  • Clear high definition video picture quality (surgery is in focus, and centered)

 Ultimately, the quality of video content will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Does the video demonstrate technical mastery?
  • Does this video provide useful techniques and nuances for the viewers?
  • Will this video serve as a useful guide (surgical atlas) for those preparing surgery for a similar case?
  • Does this video introduce any novel concept, strategy, or technique?

 We currently accept 2D video format only (no 3D format).

For Author Instructions, please click here.

Skull Base: Operative Videos is a video journal supplement to Journal of Neurological Surgery Part B: Skull Base, with each issue devoted to a topic of focus, covering a broad range of operative techniques in skull base surgery for a variety of skull base pathologies. The video submissions can include original content as well as nuances of technique ("How I Do It"). Accepted video articles will be cited on PubMed and appear in a separate printed supplement as one page abstracts. This channel enables our global readership to have quick access to a growing archive of high-quality video references for the seasoned and in-training skull base surgeon.

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