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  • Ultrasonic Energy for Cutting, Coagulating and Dissecting

Ultrasonic Energy for Cutting, Coagulating and Dissecting

Author : Feil , Degueldre , Walther , Dallemagne , Kauko , Loehlein
Binding : Hardback
Edition : 1
Year : 2005
Illustrations : 442
Pages : 240
ISBN : 9783131275219

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Ultrasonic energy can be applied to surgical instruments for cutting, dissecting, and coagulating vessels and/or tissue. This book presents the use of ultrasound energy as it is used in UltraCision products, for use in surgery on many parts of the body.

Principles of UltraCision technology: The instruments are attached to a hand piece, which is connected to a generator. The ultrasonic system is situated inside the hand piece and transforms the electric energy into mechanical movement, producing in this way longitudinal vibrations of the blades at approx. 55 kHz per second. The movement of the blades causes collagen molecules to vibrate inside the tissues, thus forming a coagulum upon their denaturation. This method is especially useful in parenchymatous organs, where dissection can be performed cleanly and with little or no bleeding.

Among the applications of UltraCision are:

  • esophageal surgery;
  • reflex surgery;
  • gastrectomy;
  • colorectal surgery for Crohn's disease, diverticulitis, and cancer;
  • laparoscopic cholecystectomy - hepatic resection;
  • pancreatic surgery;
  • adrenalectomy;
  • thyroid surgery;
  • hysterectomy and other gynecologic surgery;
  • and much more!

For the general surgeon becoming acquainted with this highly effective new surgical tool, this book represents an ideal introduction, including a step-by-step guide to operative sequences, and tips provided by those who have already gained experience in the modality.

Typical for a book from the Thieme stable, it is concise, well produced and beautifully illustrated with line diagrams and color photographs. It certainly fulfils the editors' stated aim of being a step-by-step guide for practicing surgeons and those in training.--Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England...Operative photos are easy to understand. This didactic book will be very interesting for all surgeons, and especially residents learning surgery; it can be recommended.--Surgical Radiologic Anatomy

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