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  • The Art of Surgery

The Art of Surgery

Exceptional Cases - Unique Solutions
Author : Trede
Binding : Hardback
Edition : 1
Year : 1999
Illustrations : 465
Pages : 212
ISBN : 9783131165619

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In one hundred case studies, the experience of 40 years of surgery is summarized in this collection of hand drawings made by the author. From a multitude of his drawings, cases with interesting diagnoses or especially elaborate drawings were selected by the author and presented in combination with a description of the case history and often with radiographs of the individual case. A large part of the book treats visceral surgery, including the gastrointestinal tract and its glands. Besides, vascular surgery and thorax surgery are covered....unique collection of 'exeptional cases and unique solutions'...unique feature of this book is the wealth of illustrations drawn by the author ofer a lifetime of surgical practice...high quality X-rays and photographs... The book is an engaging work of special interest for those interested in medical illustration. ... He has certainly proved the point that 'one picture is worth a thousand word'. --ANZ Journal of Surgery

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