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  • Surgical Reflections

Surgical Reflections

Images in Paint and Prose
Author : Schwartz , Wilder
Binding : Hardback
Edition : 1
Year : 1993
Illustrations : 110
Pages : 208
ISBN : 9781626236615

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Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Wilder combine their extraordinary talents to portray in both words and images the artistry, science, and holistic aspects of medicine in this one-of-a-kind work. From the spectrum of Dr. Wilder's works, paintings have been selected to form a resonant counterpoint to Dr. Schwartz's contemplative essays. Together, they form a unique combination of personal interpretation on a range of subjects. Dr. Schwartz's thought-provoking essays cover topics as various as the development of the Gregorian calendar, the economics of health care, laparoscopic surgery, the nature of pain, and the characteristics of a surgeon. Dr. Wilder's paintings include celebrated athletes performing remarkable feats of strength and coordination; the sensual, sleek lines of racing cars; quietly emotional or vividly dramatic intraoperative scenes; and succulent fruits and a harvest of viands.

Surgical Reflections excites the reader's senses, engages the intellect, and invites contemplation. Not just for surgeons, this is a book that will also appeal to individuals outside the medical realm.

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