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  • Pre-Medicine


The Complete Guide for Aspiring Doctors
Author : Thomas
Binding : Paperback
Date : December 2022
Edition : 1
Year : 2023
Illustrations : 42
Pages : 400
ISBN : 9781684205073

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The one-stop, comprehensive resource for students considering a career in medicine

In recent years, applying to and getting accepted to medical schools in the U.S. has become increasingly difficult. In 2020–2021, only 38% of the 53,370 students who applied to U.S. medical schools were accepted. For the most prestigious medical schools, the acceptance rate was just 1.4–2%. Pre-Medicine: The Complete Guide for Aspiring Doctors by Joel Thomas, Phillip Wagner, Ray Funahashi, and Nitin Agarwal is a comprehensive roadmap that guides aspiring physicians through the rigorous process of preparing for and getting into medical school in the U.S. By bringing together multiple authors with different life experiences and perspectives, this unique book has broad appeal to students from diverse backgrounds.

The text is organized by five sections: The Pre-Med Primer, Succeeding as a Pre-Medical Student, Applying to Medical School, Medical School and Career Insights, and an Appendix. This invaluable resource tackles challenging topics and addresses uncomfortable questions that necessitate engagement with multiple opposing viewpoints and careful data analysis. The first and foremost goal of this book is to provide essential information to individuals that need it to succeed in their pre-med and medical school journey.

Key Features

  •  Authors graduated from the U.S. News Top 20 medical schools and/or trained at a Doximity Top 20 residency program
  •  Demystifies the lengthy and confusing medical school application process, providing practical advice and evidence-based strategies for successfully tackling each step, starting in high school
  • Provides readers with a realistic and honest picture of the daily challenges and rewards that aspiring physicians face—from pre-med to residency

This is a must-have resource for anyone who is considering a career in medicine. The no-holds-barred insights shared in this book will greatly optimize the chance of medical school applicants gaining admission to their top choice.

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