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  • The Operative Atlas of Neurosurgery, Volume I

The Operative Atlas of Neurosurgery, Volume I

A Compendium of 120 Neuro-oncological, Case-based, Surgical Approaches
Author : SGPGI Neurosurgery , Behari
Volume : 1
Binding : Hardback
Date : March 2020
Year : 2020
Illustrations : 700
Pages : 708
ISBN : 9789388257916

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Neuro-oncological surgery has rapidly emerged as one of the most demanding fields in neurosurgery, greatly benefitted by the advances in surgical and imaging procedures. The Operative Atlas of Neurosurgery: A Compendium of 120 Neuro-oncological, Case-based, Surgical Approaches serves the immediate requirement of a surgical atlas primarily focusing on neuro-oncology for surgeons and students alike. This book contains over a hundred case-based surgical procedures identifying microsurgical and endoscopic methods, and is spread over nine sections, divided into two volumes. The purpose of this book is to provide a step-wise approach to the excision of tumors in the central nervous system, cranial vault, and spine, as well as the peripheral nerves. The first seven sections deal with these, while the last two sections deal with the adjunctive modalities used to facilitate the surgical procedures and the significance of the diagnostic modalities that have evolved over time, respectively. Minimally invasive techniques along with the conventional methods have been described in detail.

Some other salient features of the book are:

  • Sequential steps of the actual surgery have been depicted as successive photographs and their legends.
  • Each chapter has sections comprising a brief overview of the pathology in focus, the nuances of the procedure conducted, as well as the various therapeutic options and operative approaches that are available.
  • The methods related to “patient-safety issues,” “complication avoidance,” and the essential “tips and pearls” of surgery are discussed.
  • Essential information on the relevant clinical neuro-anatomy is highlighted with illustrative schematic diagrams and photographs.

The cases have been presented by experienced neurosurgeons, otorhinolaryngologists, and skull base surgeons along with contributions from young doctors and residents who are just beginning this journey in their chosen field. The chapters have been intentionally kept small and crisp, thereby allowing busy neurosurgeons to gain maximum information in the shortest timespan and to apply the same in their work. This book will immensely benefit students and practitioners in the fields of neurosurgery, neurooncological surgery, and ENT

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