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  • Differential Diagnosis in Ultrasound Imaging

Differential Diagnosis in Ultrasound Imaging

Author : Schmidt , Greiner , Nuernberg
Binding : Hardback
Date : December 2014
Edition : 2
Illustrations : 2846
Pages : 580
ISBN : 9789382076971

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Differential Diagnosis in Ultrasound Imaging, Second Edition, is a complete revision and extension of this best-selling Thieme title, bringing it up to date with the very latest clinical and technological standards. With a specific focus on general abdominal, genitourinary, and thyroid pathologies, it guides readers systematically through the process of sonographic differential diagnosis. The inclusion of images with variant courses and atypical sonographs ensures comprehensive coverage of this highly efficient diagnostic tool.

Key features of the second edition:

  • More than 1,100 new high-quality images, bringing the total number of illustrations to over 2,800
  • Draws upon the full spectrum of modern ultrasound modalities, including contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS), Doppler, color Doppler, and elastography
  • Navigational flow charts included in each chapter summarize possible diagnoses at a glance to ensure swift access to key information
  • Clear layout with color-coded text boxes and tips, tricks, and pitfalls to help guide readers through the differential diagnosis process

This new edition will be an essential reference for all residents and physicians using ultrasound on a day-to-day basis for diagnostic purposes, including practicing radiologists, internists, and ultrasound technicians.

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