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  • Spiral and Multislice Computed Tomography of the Body

Spiral and Multislice Computed Tomography of the Body

Author : Prokop , Galanski , van der Molen , Schaefer-Prokop
Binding : Hardback
Edition : 1
Year : 2003
Illustrations : 1972
Pages : 1104
ISBN : 9783131164810

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Whole body computed tomography has developed at a rapid pace in the past decade, spurred on by the introduction of spiral and multislice scanning. These new technologies have not only improved diagnostic accuracy, but also made new applications possible that were previously accessible only through more complex or invasive techniques.

This new book expertly fills a gap in the literature by combining the practically relevant technical background with the clinical information required for correctly performing and interpreting CT examinations. The book presents the state-of-the-art capabilities and requirements of CT as a key diagnostic and interventional tool, with special emphasis on the role of spiral and multi-slice CT.

You will find a thorough introduction to CT technology from scanner design to 3D image reconstruction, useful practical hints on how to optimize your examination protocols and how to keep the radiation exposure of your patients to a minimum, as well as an extensive clinical section in which symptoms, pathology and CT morphology are integrated to provide you with the basis for subtle interpretation of CT findings using the most modern CT techniques.

Highlights include:

  • Full coverage of single-slice, 4-slice and 16-slice scanning techniques
  • Introduction to extended CT applications including cardiac CT,CT fluoroscopy,and 3D image processing
  • Organ-specific protocols for scanning and contrast administration
  • Practical guidelines for maximizing image quality and minimizing radiation exposure
  • Useful suggestions for image interpretation and for avoiding pitfalls and errors
  • Convenient format by organ system and disease entity
  • Full discussion of organ-specific pathology and CT morphology
  • CT indications integrated with other imaging modalities

At a time when CT examinations are becoming more technically demanding and complex, with an increasing number of scan parameters and advances in 3D reconstructions, this book is an essential professional tool. Experienced practitioners will find their diagnostic and technical skills improved by reading the book, and beginners will enjoy the clear, systematic approach that will help them use the technique with confidence.

This...lavishly illustrated book expertly fills a gap in the literature by combining practical and relevant technical background (including protocols) and image interpretation obtained by spiral and multi-slice CT scanners. A convenient format, organized by organ system and disease entities, is supplemented by tables of key imaging features, differential diagnosis, and tumor staging, and makes it easy to read. Unique features of this book are suggestions for image interpretation, avoiding pitfalls and errors, along with the integration of other imaging modalities. Picture quality in each section is superb. This book is an excellent tool for experienced clinicians as it is for residents in training. This book will help to enhance diagnostic and technical skills as well as thoroughly familiarize the reader with all facets of CT outstanding reference and an encyclopedic overview of clinical CT.--Academic Radiology''Excellent quality axial images along with reformatted images provide a new insight into many diseases. . .cardiac and vascular imaging sections are unparalleled in their cutting-edge applications of multislice CT. . .tables are extremely helpful. Layout of the book and each chapter is set up for easy reading and referencing. . .well-defined index is provided at the back of the book with page references in bold type provided where illustrations are located . . .illustrations are so vivid and the 3D reconstructions are of such excellent quality, that a quick glance at one of these is all that is needed. . .I would highly recommend this book for any department working with multislice scanners. The information provided on each topic is brief, readable, and all in one volume, which is convenient for busy practice.'' --Abdominal Imaging'An excellent, well-updated comprehensive radiology book for general radiologists and residents in radiology. . .particularly important. . .well-done. . .high expertise. Without any question, this well-written book can be recommended to the complete radiology community and should be on the shelves in all radiological reporting rooms.'' --European Journal of Radiology''The reading of this book, will results, without any doubt, in an enrichment of our knowledge of CT and the body. . .each chapter is enriched by tables, always very useful. . .significant quality of the images. . .book reaches its objective by providing the book on CT of the body to which all those dedicated to imaging should refer. . .enhanced by 53 pages of up-to-date references. . .a success. . .one must thank the authors for such an excellent tool.'' --Clinical ImagingThis new textbook provides a practical and updated guide to CT of the body. The text is an excellent learning tool for technologists, radiologists, and residents. . . . CT technologists can use the text to set imaging guidelines, and establish or update department protocols in accordance with the latest CT technology. . . . A great companion for technologists studying for the CT boards. - ADVANCE for Imaging and Radiation Therapy ProfessionalsRadiologists should cheer this publication . . . Prokop's book will thoroughly familiarize the reader with the many parameters to be chosen with multislice scanners, and offers practical suggestions and protocols for image acquisition. In short, this single volume is an outstanding reference and may be unique in combining a state-of-art technical reference with an encyclopedic overview of clinical CT. - AuntMinnie'The book is well structured, from the first to the last chapter, and both the experienced gneral diagnostic radiologists and the resident or fellow who is searching for information will enjoy the readily comprehensible text. ..this book discusses the full clinical spectrum of body CT. The result of this tremendous effort is an excellent general textbook on body CT for a resident, fellow, and practicing radiologists. ..offers a clear set of guidelines for planning, p

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