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  • CT of the Head and Spine

CT of the Head and Spine

Author : Hosten , Liebig
Binding : Hardback
Edition : 1
Year : 2002
Illustrations : 847
Pages : 436
ISBN : 9783131267115

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This book provides the essential information needed for formulating findings in CT of the head and spine. The book is conceived as a highly practical guide for use in routine CT diagnosis, as well as in critical on-call emergency situations.

The features:

  • Condenses information to the core questions of the diagnostic problem at hand without oversimplifying: What does the clinician want to know? What must be included in the findings, and what differential diagnosis must be excluded?
  • Clear and didactic organization of information in pathogenesis, clinical findings, and CT morphology
  • Convenient summaries, offset by a second color, provide information to be used during the CT examination that assure that nothing will be overlooked
  • Detailed descriptions of normal anatomy with normal values help to differentiate pathologic from normal findings.
A nice review of the basic clinical and technical aspects of CT...very helpful to the beginner...numerous high-quality images...interesting... --AuntMinnie.comRedefines the role of CT with respect to other imaging techniques, particularly MR imaging...clear, coherent, and pleasant to read...a good overview of the features of head and spine diseases on CT. --Surgical Radiologic AnatomyExcellent and comprehensive...state-of-the-art images...well-written and must receive a book award...this is a superb book. --Journal of Clinical ImagingIndex is thorough and inclusive. . . Present broad range of topics. . . And excellent introductory text. . . Complete basic presentation of the field. --AJRGood introductory text. . . Good basic approaches for learners, stressing important principles. . . Simple and easily understood diagrams throughout the text. . . Organized and easy to read format. --DiscussThis is an excellent, comprehensive reference CT book of the brain and spine for any physician. It is a must for every bullpen, reading room and, these days, by the side of each video monitor. There are CT images of lesions that most have never seen. The references are well categorized and each entry helpfully includes a sentence that describes the article's main point or value. This feature alone makes the book worth buying...This is a superb book. I cannot give it enough accolades for how well it is written, organized and for the quality of its contents. It must receive a book award. The authors should be very proud of their efforts. --Clinical ImagingTo say that the general concept behind this book is excellent is no overstatement. ... This volume is of primary interest, and recommended to fellows and residents who are learning to interpret CT images, or are referring patients for CT studies. It is a most useful addition to a department library. --Acta Radiologica, 9/22A comprehensive and up-to-date reference work on CT imaging of the head and spine.. A highly practical guide for use in routine CT diagnostics, as well as in critical on-call emergency situations.--Europe Hospital Post

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