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  • Spinoplastic Reconstruction

Spinoplastic Reconstruction

Author : Ropper
Binding : Hardback
Edition : 1
Year : 2024
Illustrations : 227
Pages : 388
ISBN : 9781684205011

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Lessons learned from soft tissue reconstruction, wound healing, and infection prevention in plastic surgery and bony arthrodesis strategies and spinal alignment in orthopaedic surgery and neurosurgery have merged to create a new field of surgery. Spinoplastic Reconstruction, edited by Alexander E. Ropper, Sebastian J. Winocour, Michael A. Bohl, and Edward M. Reece provides in-depth discussion of multidisciplinary techniques and complication management in complex bony and soft tissue reconstruction, with the goal of improved outcomes for spine surgery patients.

This textbook encompasses the nomenclature, indications, evidence-based techniques, outcomes, and alternatives that laid the groundwork for spinoplastic surgery. Organized into nine sections and 42 chapters, the book begins by delineating the historical and future relevance of multidisciplinary surgery and advent of spinoplastic surgery to ease the growing global disease burden of spine disease. The second section discusses applied anatomy, biomechanics, and bony spinal stability. Sections three to nine provide detailed discussion and pearls on bone healing, bone adjuncts, perioperative management, surgical spine exposures, vascularized autologous bone grafts and flaps, soft tissue spinal reconstruction, and complication management.

Key Features

• Contributions from an impressive group of multidisciplinary spinoplastic surgery founders and innovators exemplifies the ethos of this emerging field
• Traditional and novel approaches for managing common challenges in spine surgery, including pseudoarthrosis and wound infection
• High-quality operative photos, illustrations, and 12 videos provide visual understanding of spinal anatomy and techniques
• Tables, diagrams, and end-of-chapter key points enhance knowledge acquisition and retention

This unique resource provides spine surgeons with a better understanding of the tenets of soft tissue reconstruction and plastic surgeons with a clearer understanding of the challenges faced in complex spine surgery, thereby improving collaborative patient management.

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