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  • Foundations: An Introduction to the Profession of Physical Therapy

Foundations: An Introduction to the Profession of Physical Therapy

Author : Carp
Binding : Paperback/softback
Date : February 2019
Edition : 1
Year : 2019
Illustrations : 31
Pages : 293
ISBN : 9781626235397

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A unique blueprint to a successful physical therapy practice from renowned experts

In the last 100 years, the profession of physical therapy has grown from a little-known band of "reconstruction aides" to a large and expanding worldwide group of dedicated professionals at the cutting edge of health care diagnostics, interventions, research, ethics, and altruistic community service. Foundations: An Introduction to the Profession of Physical Therapy by distinguished physical therapist and educator Stephen Carp reflects nearly 40 years of expertise in this evolving field.

The book covers the "the background music" of physical therapy – important issues aspiring physical therapists and physical therapist assistants need to master prior to starting clinical practice. Sixteen chapters present a broad spectrum of content, covering core behavioral, clinical, and professional concerns encountered in practice. Experts provide firsthand guidance on reimbursement, working as a healthcare team, documentation, ethical issues and community service, clinical research and education, an overview of the APTA, career development, and more.

Key Highlights

  • From the history of the profession to cultural, spiritual and legal aspects of practice, this unique resource provides insights not found in traditional physical therapy foundation textbooks
  • About 20 comprehensive vignettes with real-life experiences enhance the text
  • Text boxes with insightful "first-person" narratives highlight chapter content
  • A list of review questions and meticulous references at the end of every chapter enhance learning and encourage further research

All PT and PTA students will benefit from the expert wisdom and pearls shared in this essential reference.

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