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  • The Audiogram Workbook

The Audiogram Workbook

Author : Hepfner
Binding : Paperback / softback
Edition : 1
Year : 1998
Illustrations : 135
Pages : 304.00
ISBN : 9780865777194


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The Audiogram Workbook - the first guide to provide comprehensive practice in the administration of audiograms - lets the student work through more than 100 clinical cases covering a full range of audiologic disorders. Each exercise is structured to allow the student to write in his or her own clinical evaluation based on presenting symptoms and audiometric test results - and then compare the results to the examiner's real case summary.

Special features of this unique text:

  • 135 cases for practical assessment and professional development -- the largest collection ever compiled for a study guide!
  • A comprehensive listing of unusual patient conditions and how to adapt to them
  • A medical chart format throughout the book - providing the practice needed in working with standard notations

The Audiogram Workbook is a valuable source of concentrated practice and review of audiometric test interpretation, essential for those who wish to expand their skills.

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