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  • Step-By-Step Approach to Endoscopic Cadaveric Dissection

Step-By-Step Approach to Endoscopic Cadaveric Dissection

Paranasal Sinuses and the Ventral Skull Base
Author : Janakiram
Binding : Hardback
Date : November 2018
Edition : 1
Year : 2018
Illustrations : 147
Pages : 216
ISBN : 9789388257060

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Step-By-Step Approach to Endoscopic Cadaveric Dissection: Paranasal Sinuses and the Ventral Skull Base elucidates on Dr Janakiram's "15 Commandments," which are the fundamental surgical principles he and his students follow for endoscopic sinus and skullbase surgery. Following these principles makes endonasal endoscopic surgery safe, effective and relatively trouble-free. The unique feature of Dr Janakiram's approach is, as eminent neurosurgeon Dr Roman Bošnjak explains, positioning his knowledge and experience from his difficult skull base surgery cases into cadaveric dissection lessons. Thus, the most significant aspect of this approach is the learning and message that even experienced surgeons and authors cannot dodge the hard work required in the dissection lab.This book describes the entire spectrum of endonasal endoscopic sinus and ventral skullbase surgeries with the help of lucid descriptions and high-resolution images, illustrations,and videos. It is a complete compilation of the author's surgical principles and techniques,described to the finest details. The images and videos are prepared from cadaveric dissections performed by the author himself, thus adding great value to the explanations.

Salient features:

• Systematic organization of the content on a wide range of topics and endoscopic procedures, beginning with instrumentation and basic procedures, leading to complex skull base approaches

• Detailed and easy-to-understand descriptions with high-resolution images to help comprehension by familiarizing the readers with endonasal endoscopic anatomy and endonasal endoscopic surgical approaches

• Fifteen explanatory dissection videos with voice over by Dr Janakiram himself for thorough understanding

This book will serve as an indispensable practical guide for rhinologists and skull base surgeons performing endonasal endoscopic surgery across a wide range of surgical expertise.

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