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  • MR Imaging of the Body

MR Imaging of the Body

Author : Rummeny , Reimer , Heindel
Binding : Hardback
Edition : 1
Year : 2009
Illustrations : 1350
Pages : 690
ISBN : 9783131358417

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This book is a comprehensive guide to the basic principles and clinical applications of MR imaging for all regions of the body. The opening chapter provides a thorough overview of the basic principles for MR imaging, contrast agents, risks and side effects associated with MR imaging, and common imaging artifacts. The remaining chapters address common pathological findings in the head and neck, thorax, female breast, abdomen, pelvis, lymph nodes, musculoskeletal system, and vessels. A final chapter discusses the applications of whole-body MRI, whole-body MR angiography, and high-field MRI at 3 T.


  • Clear guidelines on how to perform techniques, select the appropriate contrast media, attain the best images, and analyze the findings
  • More than 100 differential diagnosis tables that are ideal for at-a-glance review
  • Detailed comparisons of MR findings and findings using other modalities
  • 1,350 high-quality images and illustrations demonstrating important concepts
  • Bulleted lists of MRI Specifics highlighting key points

This practical, user-friendly text is a valuable resource for residents and fellows in radiology. It is also an ideal reference for seasoned radiologists seeking to sharpen their MR diagnostic imaging skills.

Written in a very simple and clear manner, [this book] ideally covers the principles and clinical applications of MR imaging. This book is at the same time essential andcomprehensive [...] Concise, schematic, updated, and very well edited. -- European Journalof Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging<i>Overall, for a text of this size and depth, the imaging is absolutely superb<strong> Clinical Imaging May 211</i></strong>An excellent review for knowledgeable physician. It concisely presents the basic theory behind common pulse sentences and offers a good summary of the different hardware components within the scanner. -- JAMAAn ambitious undertaking...Sections are well organized and contain a quick overview of necessary magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques...helpful...useful as a quick reference...short for the breadth of information excellent review...presents a European approach to certain facets of imaging...a concise and unique review of common non-CNS pathologies and beautifully highlights their appearance on MRI.--JAMA Journal of the American Medical AssociationA great value for the money...well-designed and user-friendly book...the creative layout alone makes it easy to find what you are looking for...[contains] extensive illustrtions...concise and extremely convenient...a dynamic reference tool...should be included in in every department library.--Radiologic TechnologyA guide to the basic principles and clinical applications of MR imaging for all areas of the body ... for residents and fellows in radiology, as well as experienced radiologists. -- booknews.comPresent[s] the newcomer with a succinct and easy-to-grasp explanation of the important mechanisms that lie behind the final image. Presentation-wise, the book has a logical structure and includes over 13 diagrams and high-quality MRI images to support the text...easy to ambitious and impressive body of work from some very distinguished contributors...a worthy edition to the departmental library.--RAD MagazineClearly and concisely written by internationally recogni[z]ed authors, thus making the text easy to navigate. The table of contents and index are comprehensive, easy to use, and makes finding specific information quite simple.--The RadiographerBroad-based yet succinct reference...Clear images of common diseases, disorders, and injuries...brief discussions of relevant issues and facts...clinically relevant reference and practical guide on the technology and application of body MRI.--Doody's Review

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