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  • AO Principles of Teaching and Learning

AO Principles of Teaching and Learning

Author : Green , de Boer
Binding : Hardback
Edition : 1
Year : 2005
Illustrations : 37
Pages : 125
ISBN : 9783131410511


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Co-authored by surgeons and professional educators, here is a practical, how-to book for organizing and teaching AO courses. You will find guidelines and tips for:

  • Identifying the learning needs of your students
  • Using videos, slides, implants, and instruments as teaching tools
  • Communicating effectively in an international setting
  • Encouraging active participation and teamwork
  • Evaluating the course for success and areas to improve
  • And much more!

Checklists, anecdotes, and illustrations highlight key points and make preparing and teaching a course simple and fun. A must for AO instructors, this text will also be of interest to any practitioner who educates residents, students, and beginning surgeons.

A must-have, must-read for any CME professional who has been searching for a guide on faculty training and development. The layout of <i>AO Principles of Teaching and Learning</i> is such that each chapter or section can stand on its own and is less prescriptive or textbook-like than it is pragmatic and user-friendly. Fully referenced, with suggestions for further reading, each section is dedicated to a How-To task...Practical tips [on how to run an operating room personnel (ORP) course] could prove to be invaluable to CME providers who are developing education for allied health professionals or conducting cross-functional team training exercises for groups of varied disciplines and learners. A section on Audience Response Systems (ARS)...would be a helpful refresher to CME professionals and faculty alike. The entire CME community gets to benefit from the wisdom [of this book].--The Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions

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