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  • Essentials of Diagnostic Surgical Neuropathology

Essentials of Diagnostic Surgical Neuropathology

Author : Sarkar , Santosh , Chacko , Mahadevan
Binding : Hardback
Edition : 2
Year : 2022
Illustrations : 537
Pages : 360
ISBN : 9789395390057

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Keeping abreast of the major strides made in the field of neuropathology, Essentials of Diagnostic Surgical Neuropathology brings out its second edition with the aim of keeping the neuroscience community updated with the new developments in neuropathology.

This second edition comes close on the heels of the fifth edition of the WHO Classification of Central Nervous System Tumors (WHO CNS5) which was published in 2021. This new edition has retained the concise, point wise format of the earlier edition, making it a handy reference book. While the major changes in this edition are in neoplastic pathology, this book also provides updates in the pathology of non-neoplastic lesions that need surgical intervention.

The highlights of the neoplastic section are:

• Description of new tumor types and subtypes included in the WHO CNS5

• Grading of tumors as per WHO CNS5

• Relevant immunoprofile and diagnostic molecular pathology for each tumor according to WHO CNS5.

• Essential and desirable diagnostic criteria, as defined by WHO CNS5, in a tabular form at the end of

each section for ready reference

• New section on Therapy-related Neuropathology

The salient features of the non-neoplastic section include:

• Recent classifications of vascular malformations and epilepsy related lesions

• New section on Infectious and Inflammatory Lesions Mimicking Neoplasms

• New chapter on Surgical Pathology of Spinal Dysraphism and Other Neural Tube Defects

Another important feature includes the addition of a new chapter on techniques viz.

• Smears in the Rapid Diagnosis of Central Nervous System Lesions

• Challenges in the Interpretation of Stereotactic Biopsies

This book has high-quality representative illustrations, which will serve as a valuable resource and an updated reference manual in neuropathology for neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuro-oncologists, neuroradiologists, postgraduates and research students. It will also be a useful guide to neuropathology

diagnosis for surgical pathologists and early career neuropathologists.

The editors Chitra Sarkar, Vani Santosh, Geeta Chacko, and Anita Mahadevan; co-editors Vaishali Suri, Megha S. Uppin, and Shilpa Rao, as well as more than 30 other contributors are experts in the field of Neuropathology from leading institutes across the country.

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