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  • Introductory Guide to Medical Training

Introductory Guide to Medical Training

Author : Krukemeyer
Binding : Hardback
Edition : 1
Year : 2015
Illustrations : 52
Pages : 152
ISBN : 9783132012110

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Medical education is a life-long process, and it is important for beginning medical students to gain a solid understanding of the basics within the first year of medical school. Introductory Guide to Medical Training: From Basic Sciences to Medical Specialties is a concise yet thorough overview of the medical field that will prepare first-year students for their educational journey and provide laypersons with a glimpse into the particularities of the medical specialties.

The book begins with the fundamentals and culture of medicine, tips and tricks for learning and retaining medical knowledge, and a summary of how the medical field has evolved through time. The second half of the book features sections on several major specialties, including: anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, pharmacology, neurology, pediatrics, men's and women's health, forensic pathology, and surgery, among many others.


  • Full-color, high-quality charts, graphs, and tables that showcase global statistics and supplement the material presented in the text
  • Short, succinct biographies of major figures who have helped shape modern medicine
  • A list of commonly used abbreviations encountered in medicine
This book is the perfect exploratory text for laypersons and all those considering or pursuing a medical degree, and it will ensure that they are well prepared for the challenges that lie ahead of them.

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