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  • Essential Med Notes 2017

Essential Med Notes 2017

Comprehensive Medical Reference & Review for USMLE II and MCCQE 1
Author : Daniel Kim , Mukovozov
Binding : Paperback/softback
Edition : 33
Year : 2017
Illustrations : 1000
Pages : 1360
ISBN : 9781927363300

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For 32 years, Essential Med Notes has been a premier study resource for the Canadian MCCQE Part I and USMLE Step II medical licensing exams. With yearly changes to the extensive list of editors and contributors, the book is always written by students, for students, with peer review by the medical faculty at the University of Toronto. To stay up-to-date with the annually revised exams, a new edition is published with updated content every year. This book incorporates evidence-based references to high-impact clinical studies and the most recent best practice guidelines to help students study for qualifying examinations as well as practice medicine during clinical rotations.

This concise, comprehensive, and current reference based on the bestselling Toronto Notes includes not only a thorough overview of specialties encountered in clinical rotations but also comes with ancillary content to make the book portable for rounds. These supplemental materials make it easy to study and practice medicine no matter where you are.

Clinical Handbook

An essential resource for residency, this condensed and practical guide to common clinical problems is a perfect resource to prepare for clinical rotations.

STAT Notes

The ultimate guide to managing on-call issues, this pocket-sized text features a step-by-step approach to thirty common hospital scenarios.

Ebook Discount Card

The full-color ebook is patterned after the successful textbook to meet mobile learning needs across each of the medical disciplines.

Toronto Notes Quiz App

Online access to the book's question bank, available on phones or tablets, makes it easy to self-test comprehension and retention of the book's material.

Toronto Notes Website

Re-designed with user-friendly experience in mind, access to the web platform features additional learning resources including a color atlas, an imaging database, practice questions, relevant videos, and interactive modules.


Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine - Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery - Dermatology - Emergency Medicine - Endocrinology - Ethical, Legal, and Organizational Medicine - Family Medicine - Gastroenterology - General Surgery and Thoracic Surgery - Geriatric Medicine - Gynecology - Hematology - Infectious Diseases - Medical Imaging - Nephrology - Neurology - Neurosurgery - Obstetrics - Ophthalmology - Orthopedics - Otolaryngology - Pediatrics - Pharmacology - Plastic Surgery - Population Health and Epidemiology - Psychiatry - Respirology - Rheumatology - Urology - Vascular Surgery

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