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  • Pocket Atlas of Oral Diseases

Pocket Atlas of Oral Diseases

Author : Laskaris
Binding : Paperback / softback
Edition : 2
Year : 2006
Illustrations : 367
Pages : 384.00
ISBN : 9789385062537

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Based on the best-selling hardcover edition, the new edition of the Pocket Atlas of Oral Diseases provides complete information on the diagnosis and treatment of oral disease. Featuring 367 vivid color photographs, this Thieme Flexibook is the indispensable pocket reference for otolaryngologists, dentists, dermatologists and primary care practitioners.

The book has been improved further with 1 additional color plates and 31 new topics, previous illustrations replaced and updated with new color plates, and some text modifications where appropriate. The book is truly white coat pocket size, but nevertheless reflects the advances and phenomenal progress that have been made in the biosciences and therapeutics in its diagnosis and treatment suggestions for the myriad cases therein. Although small in size, this book must be one of the most profusely illustrated pocket works referencing stomatological diseases that is currently available worldwide. This reviewer is amazed at the detailed and comprehensive nature of the cases described, the quality clinical photographs and what is certainly an incredible breadth of specialty practice by the author to deliver these. Professor Laskaris is to be commended for producing this [book]. It is a superb reference work of invaluable practical use to any clinician involved in the oral cavity. It suits well a pan professional application at whatever stage of undergraduate and postgraduate career and deserves well to be a standard text for many clinical situations. I would not hestitate to unreservedly recommend it as certainly a best buy for the practice library as dental professionals more and more become concerned and involved with an holistic approach to patient care.--Dental PracticeWill be a useful primer for oral medicine and oral pathology and will provide the more experienced reader with topics for further reading.--Australian Orthodontic JournalIllustrated with 367 color photographs, this compact reference provides concise information on the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of oral diseases.--Book NewsThis is a well done atlas of oral disease with hundreds of beautiful color plates and well written text. A great review source.--Journal of the American Association of Forensic Dentists

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