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  • Pocket Atlas of Endodontics

Pocket Atlas of Endodontics

Author : Beer , Baumann , Kielbassa
Binding : Paperback / softback
Edition : 1
Year : 2006
Illustrations : 780
Pages : 244
ISBN : 9783131397812


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Endodontology has seen enormous advances in recent years. New high-tech tools, such as operative microscopes in combination with ultrasound and nickel-titanium files, make possible a high-level of quality in treatment with excellent long-term treatment results. Regular updating of knowledge is indispensable for every practitioner. This book provides a fast and up-to-date orientation of the entire area of endodontology.

Didactic concept: The classic Thieme Flexi format, with concise text on the left and excellent illustrations on the right hand page of more than 150 double page spreads.

Oriented toward problem-solving:

  • What is to be done with ongoing pain?
  • How should one react in an emergency situation?
  • What special considerations are there in children?
  • What should one do in the case of obliterated canals, perforations, and incomplete growth of roots?
  • When results are poor, how does one plan revision procedures?
  • Efficient treatment planning, newest methods
I could hardly put the book down! Sounds like a bit of a fib but it's true. The back cover's statement: The most up-to-date presentation of modern endodontics! is accurate. I recommend this book to every dentist. It would allow them to continuously update their knowledge about the ever-changing world of endodontic practice. The book approaches a revision of the endodontics in an interesting way. Each subject within the dealt with as a double-page spread. On one side is a very concise description of the subject, while the other page has excellent clinical images that include case presentations to illustrate the subject under discussion. The book is a bargain..and I strongly recommend it.--Dental Practice

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