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  • Orthodontic Materials

Orthodontic Materials

Scientific and Clinical Aspects
Author : Brantley , Eliades
Binding : Hardback
Edition : 1
Year : 2000
Illustrations : 232
Pages : 320
ISBN : 9783131252814


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In this important new textbook all scientific and clinical aspects of orthodontic materials are described. Recent developments in science and technology have led to the introduction of a plethora of new orthodontic products. This work serves as an excellent source of information for a field that requires knowledge of basic elements of materials science, engineering, chemistry, and physics, as well as clinical orthodontics. The subject has been part of graduate orthodontic education for almost three decades. Besides servicing the orthodontic training programs, the book also:

  • investigates the interactions of orthodontic materials with other dental materials as well as hard tissues in the oral cavity,
  • gives a background to allow for proper material selection for efficient orthodontic mechanics, and
  • treats the issues of biocompatibility, cytotoxicity and mutagenicity of materials.
The first time that the scientific and clinical aspects of the vast array of orthodontic materials have been incorporated into a single textbook..The authors and 16 contributing experts are to be congratulated on producing a book the scope of which provides excellent background for researchers. --American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial OrthopaedicsImpressive...bridges the gap between basic scientific theory and clinical application...abundant high-quality illustrations...any private practitioner would not only benefit from the book, but would enjoy just flipping through it. --Journal of Clinical OrthodonticsA wealth of information...a very readable and well-crafted textbook. It fills a gap in the orthodontic literature and will be of great value to all practicing orthodontists, as well as those involved in laboratory-based research related to orthodontic materials. --Dental UpdateThe editors have managed to successfully combine the science of orthodontic materials with helpful information in relation to their clinical usage...well illustrated...essential reading for orthodontic postgraduate students and for their supervisors. --Journal of OrthodonticsProvides a thorough and detailed examination of many subjects related to orthodontic materials...provides extensive reviews of a wide range of topics...the orthodontist will gain a great deal from this excellent reference...invaluable. --Australian Orthodontic JournalThe first chapter is a concise review of terms and basic structures...graduate students will appreciate the discussions...of significant interest to practicing orthodontists...concise summations... --Montgomery-Bucks Dental Society Bulletin

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