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  • Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

The Origin and Treatment of Chronic Diseases
Author : Schimmel , Penzer
Binding : Paperback / softback
Edition : 2
Year : 1997
Illustrations : 57
Pages : 357
ISBN : 9783830407393


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This is the updated English edition of the first volume of the acclaimed textbook by the leading German proponent of bioenergetic medicine who is also the founder of the VEGATEST-Method. Functional Medicine provides the foundation for understanding and using bioenergetics. It is grounded in both Oriental and Occidental medical knowledge and deals with the bioenergetic events which precede and accompany biochemical and organic pathology. Functional Medicine embraces the totality of regulatory functions of the organism and employs energy-oriented diagnostic methods to reveal the energetic events leading to an advanced diagnosis. The findings can then be utilized for the prevention of a disease, or in the face of the fully developed disease, they can provide the proper therapeutic guidance.

The practice of functional medicine demands a thorough knowledge of clinical medicine, heteropathic, linked with a holistic attitude and a familiarity with the principles of acupuncture. It also requires a working understanding of stomatology, otorhinolaryngology and neurology. Necessary as well is manual dexterity and skill in the use of bioelectronic instrumentation.

Although current conventional medicine saves lives in major acute infections and injuries, it offers very little to those with chronic disease. Functional Medicine offers a meaningful complement to clinical medicine and closes existing gaps in diagnosis and therapies.

The new updated English edition is a book that every doctor should read, study the concepts and learn the techniques. --Hoang Van Duc, M.D., Clinical Professor of Pathology, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

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