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  • Medicinal Leech Therapy

Medicinal Leech Therapy

Author : Michalsen , Roth , Dobos
Binding : Paperback / softback
Edition : 1
Year : 2007
Illustrations : 53
Pages : 190
ISBN : 9783131435811


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Medicinal leech therapy has undergone a renaissance in recent years, both in terms of how well the effects of using leeches are understood,and in the discovery of new clinical applications that have resulted in remarkable outcomes. This timely book introduces the basic principles of using leeches in clinical practice, and clearly sets out the methodology and potential applications. Emphasis is given to those areas of medicine where scientific studies have already provided firm evidence of success -- treatment of arthrosis and pain is already benefiting from this highly effective therapy.

Excellent instructions for the use of leeches cover the full spectrum of possible applications, while the encouraging new developments in research are also addressed. This valuable guide for physicians to this important therapy comes from the acknowledged experts in the field.

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