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  • Imagine Homeopathy

Imagine Homeopathy

A Book of Experiments, Images, and Metaphors
Author : Kurz
Binding : Paperback / softback
Edition : 1
Year : 2005
Illustrations : 20
Pages : 328
ISBN : 9783131392213


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The art and science of truly successful homeopathic medicine.

With the recent resurgence in the practice of homeopathywhether practiced alone or as a complement to other types of medicinecomes an unprecedented demand for well-educated, highly trained practitioners. What type of education will lead to true success? Can the art of homeopathy be taught alongside the scientific concepts? Generations of homeopaths have mastered such concepts as homeoprophylaxis, genus epidemicus, and constitution, but only the truly successful practitioners have achieved a level of understanding far beyond simply dealing with patients.

In this unique book, homeopath Chris Kurz offers a highly effectiveand funapproach to learning and importantly, retaining, all of the important concepts of homeopathy. Using vivid analogies and informal language, Kurz emphasizes the importance of true insight rather than rote memorization. Infusing a student's personal experience with creativity and imagination creates the most fertile ground for discovering and developing true insight and knowledge of homeopathy. Each chapter explores a concept through the lens of an experiment, metaphor, or image. For example, an intense examination of a common lemon brings home the notions of totality and the law of similars; a road map unlocks the mysteries of Miasms, and a game of golf illustrates important issues of case management.

The result of years working with students, Kurz's inspirational and thought-provoking approach places the patient at the center of the learning process, as in everyday practice. Imagine Homeopathy is invaluable as a guide for teachers, an introduction for novices and laypeople, and a provocative refresher for seasoned practitioners.

A surprising book on homeopathic philosophy. Chapters cover topics from elementary to advanced...organized so they can be used in classrooms, or other teaching environments. This book would be interesting to both patients and practitioners alike. It provides a foundation knowledge of homeopathy, based on science that would even inform skeptics. Imaging Homeopathy is a unique book that provides a refreshing approach to homeopathic insight and teaching. --The American HomeopathChris Kurz offers us a unique experience...[he] has found a way to harness the powers of our whole creativity, intuition and mental capacity in exploring the known and lesser known facts of homeopathy. The seventeen chapters take us on a journey through the landscape of homeopathy...and does so in a novel way that makes [the book] hard to put down. Images and metaphors stimulate imagination and work hand-in-hand with science, opening new pathways that take us to discover what homeopathy is and where we can go with it.I experienced Imagine Homeopathy as a really interactive book. It stimulated me to think, imagine, play, gave birth to new thoughts and questions and a whole new level of understanding. This is a book that you will read and (live through) with pleasure, and at the end you will find yourself in possession of the kind of quantity and quality of knowledge that usually asks for hours of head splitting study and years of trial and error experience. Imagine homeopathy is useful for dedicated teachers, a good way to start looking into homeopathy for beginners, and a stimulating companion for seasoned homeopaths in their lifelong homeopathic journey. --Dr. Atena Ioana Antonescu, Romanian Vice President, Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LMHI)Delightful...uses metaphor and imagery to describe and illustrate...provocative, interesting, understandable, and intriguing to read...imagery, metaphors, and pictures speak a thousand words in their simplicity and create perfect teaching tools...highly [recommended].--Doody's Book Reviews

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