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  • Health Through Inner Body Cleansing

Health Through Inner Body Cleansing

The Famous F. X. Mayr Intestinal Therapy from Europe
Author : Rauch , Rauch
Binding : Paperback / softback
Edition : 7
Year : 2017
Illustrations : 11
Pages : 100
ISBN : 9783131482075

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The Mayr program, developed by the Austrian physician Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr (1875-1965), is an intensive regime lasting several weeks. It includes therapeutic fasts to rest the digestive tract, and it features a special diet to train proper mastication. This diet program is complemented with abdominal massage, hydrotherapy, and exercise.

By following the F. X. Mayr method, patients can rejuvenate their dietary system and eliminate a whole host of ailments—from aches and pains, to depression, fatigue, and serious cardiac disorders. At the same time, they can reduce weight, improve their skin, and boost their sense of well-being.

The author Dr. Erich Rauch was a personal student of Dr. F. X. Mayr. Over decades he supervised more than 40,000 Mayr therapies. For the practitioner as well as the patient in the clinic, his in-depth guide is the leading authority on the F. X. Mayr method. As a companion book it provides effective support for each stage of this successful therapy.

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