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  • The Ocular Fundus

The Ocular Fundus

From Findings to Diagnosis
Author : Wolf , Kirchhof , Reim
Binding : Hardback
Edition : 1
Year : 2006
Illustrations : 309
Pages : 244
ISBN : 9783131393715

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Learn how to read the optic fundus:

  • What tests are indicated?
  • How do I interpret the findings?
  • What is the next step?

This book guides you quickly and confidently from finding to diagnosis.


  • Organized by presentation
  • Systematic listing of diagnoses for each presentation
  • Sidebars with a brief summary of the signs and symptoms for each diagnosis
  • Quick reference and study guide in one


  • Describes various examination method
  • Covers even rare findings
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Figures to illustrate each diagnosis
  • Notes on appropriate treatment


  • Learn to take prompt, goal-directed action.
  • Apply various diagnostic options appropriately and economically.
  • Gain confidence in dealing with equivocal findings.
A portrait gallery of ocular fundus conditions...superb fundus photographs...The photos are beautiful. There are iconic representatives from every important pathologic process in the fundus...Medical students will certainly love it, as will nonopthalmic physicians and opthalmic technicians and nurses...This is a best-in-show of fundus abnormalities...Libraries in teaching institutions will undoubtedly want to purchase it.--Journal of Neuro-OpthalmologySuccessfully adopts an interesting and helpful format...Produced with 39 illustrations, including excellent colored plates to Thieme's high standard...a wide range of methods is presented and this should be particularly helpful to students. ...The reader should appreciate the interplay between illustrations, concise and explanatory text and the emphasis provided in page-edge columns. The design is a pedagogic success.--OpticianThis book guides you quickly and confidently from finding to diagnosis. Practice-oriented and organized by presentation.--Wolf

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