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  • Refractive Surgery

Refractive Surgery

Author : Wu , Thompson , Steinert , Hersh , Slade
Binding : Hardback
Edition : 1
Year : 1999
Illustrations : 486
Pages : 624.00
ISBN : 9780865777590


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Spurred by PRK, LASIK, and other laser-based techniques, refractive surgery is growing at an explosive rate. Within the next decade, laser procedures alone will form a billion-dollar market with more than 500,000 new operations per year.

This comprehensive new work-with nearly 300 full-color illustrations-brings the ophthalmologist up-to-date on recent advances in the field, and shows how to use refractive techniques effectively in daily practice. The book examines all major refractive methods, from incisional techniques to laser and lamellar procedures, and in each case provides complete information on patient selection, instrumentation, operative technique, pitfalls and complications, and postoperative management. This is a well-balanced, complete overview of each refractive procedure, thoroughly referenced to maximize usefulness for all ophthalmologists.

Refractive Surgery is the ideal choice for specialists who seek thoughtful, well-balanced, coverage of current techniques, supported by detailed references and a thorough review of the clinical literature.

Concise reviews of important areas in the field of refractive surgery...I recommend this textbook as an overview of the entire field. --Opthalmic PracticeExcellent review of the field; --Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology (**** rating)Blessed with an excellent array of international refractive surgeon contributors...a veritable feast for the ophthalmologist beginning in refractive surgery...recommended... --Eye News

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