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  • Ophtho Notes

Ophtho Notes

The Essential Guide
Author : Goodman
Binding : Paperback / softback
Edition : 1
Year : 2004
Illustrations : 31
Pages : 432.00
ISBN : 9781588901712

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Practical and easy-to-read, this point-of-care reference provides a succinct, clinical overview of eye anatomy, disease, and treatment. Unlike many ophthalmic handbooks, OPHTHO NOTES classifies disease based upon etiology, rather than presenting signs and symptoms. This classification helps to compartmentalize diseases of the eye, and ensures quick and effortless reference.

Outstanding features:

  • Comprehensive -Thorough coverage of the entire field of ophthalmology
  • Practical - More than 1,000 mnemonics, anagrams, and other memory aids, particularly valuable to residents and fellows
  • State-of-the-art - Incorporates the latest genetic disease discoveries, refractive surgery techniques, summaries of recent major clinical trials, and more
  • Unique - Special chapter on medications, covering everything from antibacterials and corticosteroids, to miotics, mydriatics, neurologic medications, and immunosuppressives

Concise for a quick, point-of-care use during rounds, yet in-depth enough to review the entire field, this book is an essential and reliable resource for residents in ophthalmology, the perfect refresher for practicing ophthalmologists and optometrists, and a practical reference for all primary healthcare providers.

''The comprehensiveness of the information is striking for such a small book. . . very accessible for use as both a review book and a quick reference manual. . . user friendly and readable. . . illustrations are superb. . . this book is extremely useful, relatively inexpensive, and easy to carry along'' -- Archives of OphthalmologyThis compendium of ophthalmology is an extremely good value for the money. . .The latest techniques in ophthalmology are well documented. . . The orthoptic content is up to date. . . The format of the text is quite user-friendly and makes for easy reading. . . particularly valuable for students. . . useful as a refresher book for an orthoptist or in an orthoptic department's library. -- British and Irish Orthoptic Society Journal

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