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  • Neurofunctional Systems

Neurofunctional Systems

3D Reconstructions with Correlated Neuroimaging
Author : Kretschmann , Weinrich
Binding : Hardback
Edition : 1
Year : 1998
Illustrations : 159
Pages : 160
ISBN : 9783131082114

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This full-color atlas-created with advanced digital technology-brings together the most accurate images of functional neuroanatomy available today. The book achieves an important new tool for correlating functional structures with clinical and radiologic findings, and for improving your diagnosis of neurofunctional disorders.

Written by recognized specialists in neurology and neuroanatomy, the atlas covers all major neurofunctional systems (medial lemniscus, auditory, visual, motor, and limbic), each represented by a series of 3D images from in a variety of perspectives.

The book also includes comprehensive images of the cerebral sulci and gyri, the ventricular system, and the cerebral arteries; a full range of canthomeatal cross-sections; and a complete evaluation of computer-based reconstruction techniques.

Highlights of this landmark work:

  • Full-color images of all neurofunctional systems, presented in seven perspectives
  • Clear, easy-to-follow differentiation of fiber paths from nuclear and cortical areas
  • Detailed diagrams that situate each neurofunctional system within the brain
  • A complete three-dimensional model of the cerebral vascular system
  • Help in identifying complex neurofunctional structures within MR, CT, and PET images - essential for corroboration of clinical findings, arriving at an accurate diagnosis, and planning appropriate treatment

Forming an important bridge between neurology and radiology, Neurofunctional Systems will help specialists in both fields understand the structures and position of neurofunctional systems and meaningfully interpret all types of radiographic images. The book will also be useful to neurosurgeons who wish to operate with more safety and precision.

    Ideal tool for the neurosurgeon or the interventional neuroradiologist..the pictures..are of breathtaking quality. --European RadiologyExcellent..delightful book, a pleasure to read and will prove popular with many neuroscientists. --RAD MagazineConcise but complete and very useful..strongly recommended. --European Neurology

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