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  • Epilepsy from A - Z

Epilepsy from A - Z

Dictionary of Medical Terms
Author : Kraemer
Binding : Paperback / softback
Edition : 1
Year : 2005
Illustrations : 13
Pages : 438
ISBN : 9783131383310

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For all questions about epilepsy: Look here first, and inform yourself quickly!

Whether you are preparing for a visit to the doctor, or are attempting to understand the information provided with medications, this unique reference is a quick guide to the entire spectrum of the problems associated with epilepsy, and the available treatments.

Use this practical patient helper wherever you need it. Approximately 1,000 terms are defined and described in a brief and easy-to-understand way. Additional terms from general medicine that you may encounter, are provided as well. For patients of epilepsy and their relatives, this is a treasure chest of easy-to-access information. Physicians who treat patients with epilepsy will welcome this book as a giveaway to help their patients understand the condition better.

For people with epilepsy and other non-physicians, this volume offers quick access to facts about the disorder. Thousands of specialized terms are included.. The entries go beyond rudimentary definitions to provide clear, yet concise explanations of the topics covered.--Book News

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