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  • Differential Diagnosis in Internal Medicine

Differential Diagnosis in Internal Medicine

From Symptom to Diagnosis
Author : Siegenthaler
Binding : Hardback
Edition : 1
Year : 2007
Illustrations : 789
Pages : 1140
ISBN : 9783131421418


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A pragmatic approach to differential diagnosis gives rapid, reliable answers to these questions: Which diseases are likely? What causes them? What are the typical characteristics of these disorders? Do they correspond with the symptoms in question? How can the preliminary diagnosis be confirmed? Siegenthaler's new Differential Diagnosis in Internal Medicine guides the reader through the challenges of differential diagnosis across the spectrum of internal medicine.

Practice-orientated learning:

  • Identify and understand key symptoms
  • Consider the whole patient in selecting possible diseases
  • Evaluate, exclude or confirm possible diagnoses
  • Make the correct diagnosis using an appropriate diagnostic procedure

Professor Walter Siegenthaler brings decades of international experience in clinical practice, teaching and writing on internal medicine to this new book. The book also benefits from close cooperation with the leaders of the specialist internal medicine departments at the University Hospital Zrich, and of other institutions and disciplines. The generalist and specialist aspects of internal medicine are thereby brought together to enhance the approach to the patient.

The book is directed at medical students, residents in most areas of medicine, practitioners of internal medicine, general practitioners, dermatologists, neurologists and rheumatologists and those involved with the basic subjects in medicine who wish to gain competence and knowledge in internal medicine.

From Symptom to Diagnosis:

  • Organized by functional system and symptom constellations
  • Covers all fields of internal medicine plus special treatment of subjects dermatology, neurology and rheumatology
  • Typical findings and signs for differentiation of all common, rare and even exotic diseases with pathophysiological background information
  • Nearly 1000 stunning figures and many instructive table-format overviews and differential diagnostic algorithms
  • Differential diagnostic evaluation of common laboratory test results, including step-by-step plans for further diagnosis
  • Learn by tracing the path from symptom to diagnosis, just as the physician encounters the situation in practice!
Easy-to-use...uses a practical approach to internal medicine. It emphasizes basic history, physical diagnosis, laboratory testing, and the understanding of evidence-based medicine in order to establish a differential diagnosis... Even the most skilled and experienced practitioner can benefit by this step-by-step approach. ...The material and its presentation alone make the book a worthwhile investment. The entire textbook is beautifully illustrated with numerous tables, graphs, photographs, and artists illustrations that are a rich resource for clinicians at any level. There are charts and tables that one would not find in a traditional textbook, such as typical odors in various diseases on page 99. This book is an excellent resource for both the fledgling and veteran clinician. It attempts to do the impossible--ie, make the enormous subject matter of internal medicine digestible. ...The material itself is presented in a clear, simplified, and approachable manner, making it user-friendly. While striving to be comprehensive, aesthetically appealing, easy to use, and simple, it comes close to hitting its mark and is a worthwhile addition for clinicians to have at their disposal.--Journal of the American Medical AssociationThe outstanding strengths are its completeness, the beautiful illustrations, and the compact presentation. Chapters usually give a succinct description of the whole differential diagnosis, together with ultrashort summaries of relevant diseases. These chapters can be perused in less than 15 min, which makes the book suitable for use in practical settings. Because of the very beautiful layout and illustrations, this book can be useful for teaching medicine. ..This book should be readily available (and used!) in every internist's practice, and even more so when students are around.--European Journal of Internal MedicineOne of the most comprehensive books on developing alternative diagnoses...The color photographs are among the best I have ever extraordinarily helpful and authoritative book and well worth the price.--Doodys Book Reviews

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