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  • Paediatric Emergency Medication Book: India

Paediatric Emergency Medication Book: India

Author : Santhanam , Dirnbauer , Craig
Binding : Spiralbound
Date : February 2022
Edition : 1st
Year : 2022
Illustrations : 50
Pages : 110
ISBN : 9789390553938

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Keeping kids safe when every second counts…

Paediatric Emergency Medication Book: India provides a practical, pragmatic guide to one of the most stressful clinical encounters, that is, the resuscitation of a critically ill infant or child. Medication safety during paediatric resuscitation is vitally important. Time pressures of emergency treatment can lead to errors in drug calculation, drawing up, dilution, or administration. Such errors can be catastrophic, potentially leading to worsening shock, cardiac arrest, or even death.

This book, based on a successful model developed at Monash Children’s Hospital, Australia, and building on years of clinical experience in one of the busiest paediatric emergency departments in the world (Institute of Child Health, Chennai), is designed to improve safety during the resuscitation of critically ill children.

Key features:

  • Pre-calculated, weight-based doses in resuscitation situations (cardiac arrest, intubation, seizures, shock, electrolyte abnormalities, and anaphylaxis)
  • Age-appropriate endotracheal tube size and positioning
  • Established Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) and Paediatric Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine (PREM) guidelines are presented for a number of critical conditions, including asthma, dengue, snake bite, seizures, septic shock, and respiratory distress.
  • Information is provided in a user-friendly and colour-coded layout. Tables and highlighting provide easy access to medication doses, appropriate dilution, infusions rates, and volumes to be administered.
  • The book is spiral-bound, durable, and specifically designed for use in clinical settings such as on a resuscitation trolley, in theatre, in the emergency department, or intensive care.

This resource is endorsed by the Tamil Nadu Accident and Emergency Care Initiative (TAEI) and PREM initiative (National Health Mission–Tamil Nadu), Society of Emergency Medicine India (SEMI), and Society of Trauma and Emergency Paediatrics (STEP)–India.

Indumathy Santhanam, MD, DCH, is Project Coordinator, Regional Collaborative Centre, Institute of Child Health, Madras Medical College, Chennai, India. 

Nicole Dirnbauer, B. Pharm, is Deputy Director of Pharmacy, Monash Health, Monash Medical Centre and Monash Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

Simon Craig, MBBS, FACEM, MPH, MHPE, is Paediatric Emergency Physician, Monash Medical Centre and Adjunct Clinical Professor, Department of Paediatrics, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

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