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The Resources for Instructors section contains helpful information about Thieme's products, which will enable you to enhance your students' learning experience. Thieme books and E-Products integrate brilliant illustrations with text in a manner that both pleases the eye and facilitates learning.

Book Resources:

Student Education Product Page
Our full collection of student-level products in Basic and Clinical Sciences. Click here to view our anatomy products.

Anatomy Art Competitions
Anatomy Art Competition is an initiative taken by Thieme to highlight the importance of human anatomy drawing while pursuing medical education. It is conducted by Thieme across India in medical colleges with the support of Anatomy professors.Learn More

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E-Product Information:

View an overview of our current online products offerings.

Visit Thieme Connect to learn more about our online products and offerings for medical students. If these resources are not yet available at your institution, please recommend them to your librarian.

Thieme Connect
Thieme Connect
is an online resource for all of Thieme's electronic content. It is designed to support librarians, instructors, researchers, healthcare workers, and students by providing them online access to Thieme E-Journals, E-Books, E-Learning tools and Reference Works.



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