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Medical Communications & Corporate Sales

Customized solutions for healthcare professionals

Our mission is to understand and meet the needs of biopharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals with development, implemen- tation and dissemination of customized medical solutions in various formats and media.

Thieme medical communications division operates within Thieme Publishers, a global leader in publishing and knowledge dissemination since 1886. Our core strengths are huge repository of medical content which are developed in partnership with the leading names in field with the support of our qualified and passionate staff.

About Thieme

Thieme is an award-winning international medical and science publisher serving health professionals and students for more than 125 years. Thieme promotes the latest advancements in clinical practice, publishes the latest research findings, advocates medical education and is known for the high quality and didactic nature of its books, journals, and electronic products. Read More [..]

Why Thieme Medical Communications ?

Over 100 years of expertise in publishing high quality medical and scientific content

Well networked with leading names and societies in healthcare sector

End-to-end medical and scientific information services

Our Services

Consensus Statement

Consensus is a public statement on a particular aspect of medical knowledge that is generally agreed upon as an evidence-based. Consensus document is developed by an independent panel of experts, usually multidisciplinary, convened to review the research literature for the purpose of advancing the understanding of an issue, procedure, or method.


Guideline is a statement which assists in determining a course of action. Guidelines may be issued by an organisation to make actions of its division more predictable.
Example- Medical Guideline: Also known as a clinical guideline or clinical practice line, is a document with the aim of guiding decisions and criteria regarding diagnosis, management, and treatment in specific areas of healthcare.

Position Paper

A Position Paper is a document that represents an opinion about an issue. A Position Paper can be used by organisation to communicate their specific beliefs and recommendations.

Advisory Board Meetings

Advisory Board meetings are strategic scientific initiatives sponsored by Pharmaceutical companies to impart independent, unbiased, authenticate, evidence based medical information to healthcare fraternity.


Through our online/electronic resources, we can address E-CMEs, E-Newsletters, Mobile App and more that helps institutions, medical societies & healthcare professionals to progress science and improve performance by development, implementation and dissemination of customized medical solutions in various forms and media.

Mobile Apps

We provide healthcare professionals with evidence-based clinical decision-support tools that are current, practical, and easily accessible.

e-CME’s and e-Newsletter

We provide support for continuous improvement and learning to help physicians address gaps in their professional practice. E- CME provides an online platform to share medical knowledge, help physicians understand their connection to the health care delivery system and underscore the need for system-based practices.

Online learning Courses

We provide integrated & innovative services to effectively use science for marketing in the form of medical insight mining, content development, patient education, online learning courses for hospitals, and medical rationale.

3-D Medical Animations, Films & Videos

We provide that perfect easel to design medical oriented imaginations in multi-disciplinary areas such as filmmaking, animation, HCP videos, patient education videos, and audio-visual aids.

Clinical Modules, MOA medical Video Abstracts & E-learning Modules

3D Mechanism of Action animations & Video Abstracts are being widely used to illustrate molecular actions.Visual storytelling is most valuable for communicating novel Mechanism of Action, explaining unfamiliar disease pathophysiology, introducing new study results, and supporting e-learning and medical education.

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Society Partnerships

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