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Content of Pharmaceutical Substances

Pharmaceutical Substances presents the chemical structure and synthetic route of any API including intermediates. It covers detailed information about each drug:

Factual data
  • International Nonproprietary Names (INN)
  • Trivial names and synonyms
  • Chemical name (IUPAC chemical substance naming convention)
  • Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) Codes
  • CAS and EINECS numbers
  • Molecular formula (Hill System Order), weight and acute toxicity
  • Major uses
  • Medical applications/Therapeutic category
  • Patent number, origin, holder and date of application
  • Commercial information


All substances referenced in the synthetic path ways are listed by their CAS number, molecular formula, and chemical and CAS index names to allow efficient searching for sources of supply.

Synthetic route(s) used for industrial large-scale production

Great care is taken by the authors to ascertain the synthetic route(s) used for industrial large-scale production of the drugs listed in Pharmaceutical Substances. A detailed description of the preparation of each substance is provided, including the synthesis of intermediates. In many cases, different synthetic routes are described, especially for the most economically important drugs.

Trade names and vendors

For the six most important markets trade names and the names of companies that produce and market the product are given. Years of introduction are added in those cases where they differ from the date the original patent was granted. A trade name displayed with wfm (withdrawn from market) beside it indicates that the pharmaceutical substance is no longer available on the market through this company under this trade name.


The most important pharmaceutical dosage forms are provided to enable the user to assess the order of magnitude a compound is needed in and thus helping to estimate its commercial value.

Access to other drugs of this substance class

If enzymes, microorganisms, or plant or animal tissues are involved in a synthesis, they are also listed here and are linked to other syntheses in which they are involved.

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