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  • Textbook of Pharmacology

Textbook of Pharmacology

Author : Bhandari
Binding : Paperback
Date : December 2021
Edition : 1
Year : 2021
Illustrations : 255
Pages : 888
ISBN : 9789390553150

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The revision of the Indian medical curriculum in 2018 put an emphasis on learner-centered, integrated, and competency-based learning. This is meant to facilitate the acquisition of skills along with ethical and humanistic values. The revised curriculum for undergraduate medical education enables the Indian medical graduate to recognize “Health for All” as a national goal and fulfill their societal obligations.

The curriculum in pharmacology is witnessing a sea change from emphasis on animal experiments and dispensing pharmacy-based curriculum to an “applied” approach, where the emphasis is on how the student prescribes rationally, taking into view the various facets of the medicine and the patient. All competencies as per the new curriculum of the National Medical Commission (NMC) have been covered. Textbook of Pharmacology will not only help the students have a better grasp of the subject but also lay a strong foundation for the integration of pharmacological aspects with clinical subjects.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive review of the subject with conceptual and factual information in accordance with the new CBME curriculum
  • Easy-to-understand format with accompanying illustrations, flowcharts, and mind maps to help the student in easy reading, remembering  recollecting, and reproducing the content in the exam
  • Presentation of information in tabular format for easy recall
  • Multiple Choice Questions with answers to help students in preparing for postgraduate entrance exams and assist them in tackling real-life situations

Prasan R. Bhandari, MBBS, MD is Professor and Head of Department of Pharmacology at Symbiosis Medical College for Women in Pune, Maharashtra, India .

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