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  • NANDA International Nursing Diagnoses 13th Edition

NANDA International Nursing Diagnoses 13th Edition

Definitions and Classification, 2024-2026
Author : T. Heather Herdman
Binding : Softcopy
Date : June 2024
Edition : 13
Year : 2024
Illustrations : 10
ISBN : 9781684206018

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The quintessential guide to nursing diagnoses from NANDA-I experts in new updated edition

Fully updated and revised by editors T. Heather Herdman, Shigemi Kamitsuru, and Camila Takáo Lopes, NANDA International Nursing Diagnoses: Definitions and Classification, 2024-2026, 13th Edition is the definitive guide to nursing diagnoses, as reviewed and approved by the NANDA International (NANDA-I) Diagnosis Development Committee (DDC). In this new edition of a seminal text, the editors have provided a more in-depth discussion on diagnosis and its linkage to assessment, using Kamitsuru’s Tripartite Model of Nursing Practice to differentiate between interdependent interventions based on medical and organizational standards of care, and autonomous nursing interventions based on nursing standards of care. Functional Health Patterns are used as an assessment framework to guide nurses in collecting relevant data to drive accuracy in nursing diagnosis. Ontology, classification and taxonomy are described, and the axial structure of our diagnoses – which has seen significant revision – is explained in detail. An overview on all changes and revisions in the classification is provided, along with updated research priorities and future foci for the Diagnosis Development Committee and the NANDA-I Association.

Additional Key Updates

·       56 new nursing diagnoses and 123 revised diagnoses

·       Revised diagnostic indicators to decrease ambiguity and improve clarity

·       Updated Axes with consistent assignment of axis values to each diagnosis

·       Assignment of US National Library of Medicine, Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) terms to provide standardized definitions and ensure consistent understanding

·       Revised level of evidence criteria to ensure future diagnoses remain at an appropriate level of evidence to represent the current strength of nursing knowledge

·       Web-based resources include reference lists for all new and revised diagnoses


Rigorously updated and revised, the new edition of this acclaimed text is a must-have resource for all nursing students, professional nurses, nurse educators, nurse informaticists, nurse researchers, and nurse administrators.

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