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  • Dallas Rhinoplasty

Dallas Rhinoplasty

Nasal Surgery by the Masters
Author : Rohrich , Ahmad , Adams Jr.
Binding : Hardback
Date : April 2024
Edition : 4
Year : 2024
Illustrations : 1623
Pages : 714
ISBN : 9781684205226

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The One-Stop, Comprehensive Rhinoplasty Guide from the Global Masters

The first edition of Dallas Rhinoplasty: Nasal Surgery by the Masters published in 2002 compiled the knowledge and concepts developed in large part by the original faculty of the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium led by Jack P. Gunter, MD. Now in its fourth edition, this widely acclaimed textbook has become the global educational rhinoplasty source and Nose Bible for Rhinoplasty! Edited by world-renowned rhinoplasty surgeon Rod J. Rohrich, with Jamil Ahmad and William P. Adams, Jr., the completely new edition features advances and innovations in rhinoplasty—from preservation to precision structural rhinoplasty finesse and techniques to proven problem-solving methods to achieve the best and most consistent results in rhinoplasty.

Consolidated in one easy-to-read volume, the new edition is organized into 12 parts, 68 chapters, and includes more than 120 videos. Each chapter is referenced as a standalone resource for rapid learning of specific techniques. This edition features advances in the field, but the goal remains true to the original edition—to help nasal surgeons achieve consistent results using careful preoperative analysis, precise operational planning, meticulous intraoperative execution, and long-term follow-up with critical evaluation of results.

Key Highlights

  • Clinical pearls from the key global rhinoplasty experts
  • Key points, tables, Gunter rhinoplasty diagrams, and expert tips enhance rapid acquisition and retention of knowledge
  • Concise case analysis with high-quality pre- and postoperative photos
  • Videos provide in-depth visual understanding of anatomy and techniques
  • Complete and concise outline facilitates finding the solution to any nasal or rhinoplasty problem to guide safe and optimal surgical outcomes
  • This indispensable, efficient, and reader-friendly reference is a must-have surgical companion for novice and expert rhinoplasty surgeons alike.

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