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  • Imaging Handbook on Anatomy of Cochlea

Imaging Handbook on Anatomy of Cochlea

Author : Neeraj Suri ,
Binding : Hardback
Date : September 2023
Edition : 1
Year : 2023
Illustrations : 325
Pages : 194
ISBN : 9789395390842

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5 reviews


"Well-organized, clearly written, and well-illustrated brief textbook is a wonderful reference for surgeons considering cochlear implantation in complex anatomical abnormalities"

Book Review by Otology & Neurotology JournalBook Review: Imaging Handbook on Anatomy of Cochlea. Neeraj... : Otology & Neurotology (

The book Imaging Handbook on Anatomy of Cochlea is specially written from surgeon’s perspective on radiology, which will help and guide the implant surgeon in reading images preoperatively. This book covers normal anatomy and anatomical variations in detail. It provides an insight into the minute detailed imaging of the cochlea and its related structures (facial nerve, cochlear aperture, IP-II, IP-III, common cavity, and internal auditory canal). It emphasizes on how a normal anatomy is different from anomalies and to what extent cochlear anomalies will impact surgeries and their outcomes.

When ENT surgeons think of starting their own cochlear implant (CI) surgery journey, they rely on reports from radiologists. A lot can be missed, leading to complications intraoperatively. Hence, understanding not only the imaging of normal cochlea but also knowing the cochlear aperture, facial nerve, facial recess, and internal auditory canal, and placement of the facial nerve and cochlear nerve prior to the surgery is of utmost importance to the cochlear implant surgeon.

Key features

• This handbook will teach you about radiological imaging of cochlea, from fundamental structures to uncommon anatomical variances.

• Facial nerve in cochlea, cochlear aperture, IP-III, and cochlear hypoplasia are beautifully shown in this book.

• Easy to understand with labelled diagrams and chapters written keeping in mind the practical approach in cochlear implant surgeries.

Neeraj Suri, MS (ENT), is Associate Professor at ENT Department, GMERS Medical College, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. She has 20 years of teaching and research experience. She has worked extensively in treating and creating awareness about hearing disability. She has authored two novels on hearing impaired kids, Speak-A-Boo and Hearing Tales. She has been awarded: Times of India award for excellent work done in the field of cochlear implant; excellence in the field of deafness for hearing impairment in children by the honourable Union Minister Mrs. Smriti Irani in 2022; the Gaurav Rashtriya Award in New Delhi for her extraordinary contribution in the field of hearing disability. Some of her other accomplishments are: facilitated by the Chief Minister of Gujarat for deafness program in Gujarat; she is a pioneer in Universal Newborn Hearing Screening (UNHS) and a mentor for cochlear implant fellowship course in Gujarat.

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